Board Committees | The Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County

Board Committees

Executive Committee/Continuum of Care

Responsible for strategic planning for the CHPC; the annual homeless count and survey, analyzing of trends and planning issues. Also responsible for coordinating data and other information regularly used in the functions and operations of the Coalition. Works with all committees to develop the annual CoC plan, which identifies gaps in services.

Financial Resource Committee

Responsible for oversight of the functions of the Treasurer and the annual fiscal report to the membership. Coordinates all resource development activities including fund raisers and Request for Proposals submitted by the organization. Prepares and presents the annual operational budget to the Board of Directors and to the membership. Approves all fund development projects and activities.

Communications/Public Relations

Responsible for all communications from Coalition to the public including monitoring the website, preparation of the Annual Report to the community, preparation of news releases, documenting activities of the Coalition. Coordinates all literature released by Coalition. Coordinates all community relations activities.

Evaluation, Performance and Review

This committee is established to develop appropriate performance targets in consultation with subrecipients.  Once establishing the targets and outcomes will monitor the performance, evaluate the outcomes, and support to improve performance as needed.  The basic tool to evaluate this performance will be Homeless Management Information System statistics.  The committee will make funding recommendations for each year, through a ranking system developed by the committee.

Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) / Data Compliance

This committee will work with the HMIS lead (Pasco Coalition) to develop the annual review on the privacy plan, security plan, and data quality plan for HMIS users, as well as other HMIS policies and procedures.  The committee will develop and implement a plan for monitoring HMIS to ensure CoC members participate in HMIS; review that HMIS is satisfying the requirements of all regulations and notices issued by HUD.  The committee will review the agreements between the HMIS vendor and HMIS user.  The committee will oversee and monitor HMIS data collection and review the following reports required by HUD: (1) Sheltered Point-In-Time Count, (2) Housing Inventory Chart, (3) Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR), (4) Annual Performance Reports (APRs)


Nominating Committee

Responsible for nominating Officers and Directors and new potential members requesting membership

Other Committees

Advisory committees not having and exercising managerial authority may be establish by resolution adopted by vote of the Board of Directors.