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We are an organization of more than 40 services provider agencies that collectively help to relieve the suffering of Pasco County's homeless families and individuals. Our mission is to assist the homeless population and those at risk of homelessness to gain self-sufficiency by providing advocacy and the coordination of capacity building through partnerships within the community.

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New HUD information released!  View several reports published here, including the AHAR: Part 2!

To demonstrate the current level of need among people experiencing homelessness, HUD released its 2014 Annual Homeless Assessment Report (AHAR) Part 2.

The report shows a nationwide decline of 6.3% in homelessness since HUD began tracking this information in 2007. While this reduction is substantial with more than 100,000 fewer people in shelter programs than in 2007, in the past year we have seen an increase of 4.6% in the number of people using shelter programs. This increase, however, occurred in conjunction with a 10% reduction in the number of people homeless at a point in time in unsheltered locations. This progress is attributable to the hard work of local homeless service providers nationwide.

Noah’s Frozen Party: mission to collect Christmas toys for homeless children

There’s an upcoming toy drive headed by a 6 year old’s birthday wish we’d like to let you know about, little Noah recently had a Frozen themed b-day party and wanted to create an identical party on November 20th as a toy drive for homeless kids. If interested, please visit Noah’s page at noahsfaith.com

Here’s the link to register for the party, and don’t forget to bring a toy (minimum $10 gift per admission): http://noahsfaith.com/register-for-frozen-party-nov-20th-2015/

Also, some alternatives are offered for those who cannot attend:

Noah has created a Gofundme account for those who’d like to donate and help buy toys for the drive, http://noahsfaith.com/go-fund-me/

or you can buy a toy and bring it to one of the three drop-off locations listed on the site

FY 2015 CoC Program NOFA Competition Update: All applications received have now been ranked! 10/26/15

 – Note: Directions for Living Permanent Supportive Housing Renewal Project requested to end their project, reallocation was used to create a new Rapid Rehousing Project for Society of St. Vincent de Paul in the amount of $121,978


Pasco Rebuilds Together!

A new coalition is organizing and rallying support for Pasco’s flood victims.  Check out their mission and volunteer form to get involved!

FY 2015 CoC Program NOFA Competition is open as of September 18th! Check out the description at the HUD Exchange!

For any interested parties who would like to apply, check out the Project Review and Ranking Process_10/19/15 as developed by the Project Review and Evaluation Committee.

The Coalition is looking for a new Executive Director…

Take a look at the ED job description and send any inquiries and resumes to coalitionforhomelesspasco@gmail.com

New Resources Available for the Continuum of Care

The Continuum of Care (CoC) Program is provided by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) to promote a community-wide commitment to the goal of ending homelessness and much more.

New resources are available for staying up to date on the latest CoC requirements, committees, meetings and more.
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