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Continuum of Care Program Launches CoC 2.0 with Online Training Materials: Check out the 10-minute roadmap and video message from HUD

FY 2013 – FY 2014 Continuum of Care Program Competition –    FY 2013 Tier 1 Renewal Projects Award Announcement Congratulations to the following projects:  ACTS Chancey Congregate Facility (Men’s Transitional Shelter), Bethany Family Apartments-Project Lift (Disabled Housing), Directions SHP-SSL Renewal (Disabled Housing), Female Property Renewal 2 (ACE Opportunities Jail Diversion Program-Female), Male Property Renewal 1 (ACE Opportunities Jail Diversion Program-Male), as well as HMIS Renewal Funding.


Continuum of Care / General Membership Meeting Schedule is now available here! 

CoC – GM Meeting Dates

Continuum of Care: Are you ready for the change?  Here are some helpful links…

CoC Program Road Map Prezi

CoC Coordinated Assessment System Prezi


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