About Us | The Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County

About Us

The Coalition for the Homeless of Pasco County was established in 1988. For more than 20 years the coalition has invited agencies, businesses and citizens to help support our efforts to relieve the suffering of Pasco County’s homeless families and individuals.

We are an organization of more than 40 service provider agencies offering:

  • Prevention Activities
  • Food
  • Hygiene Supplies
  • Case Management
  • Emergency Shelter
  • Medical
  • Transitional Housing

Our Mission

Our mission is to support, coordinate and unify the efforts of all stakeholders and expand resources, while providing education and advocacy to prevent and reduce homelessness in Pasco County.

Our Vision

Our vision is a safe community full of hope, opportunities for self-sufficiency, and permanent homes for families and individuals.

Continuum of Care

The “Continuum of Care” (CoC) Plan is our community’s guide to organize and deliver housing and other services to meet the needs of the homeless. When we talk about our Continuum, we mean all the agencies that can serve someone experiencing homelessness, or help prevent homelessness. Some providers serve only people who are homeless, while other mainstream resources such as VA benefits, Food Stamps and Social Security, serve a larger population in which the homeless are included.

A good Continuum of Care Plan includes multiple services, including prevention, outreach, intake and assessment, emergency, transitional and permanent housing, and the supportive services such as counseling and case management, substance abuse and mental health treatment sometimes needed for someone to achieve independent housing.

We work on our Continuum of Care Plan throughout the year as we identify gaps and prioritize needs and action steps for the upcoming year. Based on the information obtained from agencies this month on services available and their utilization, along with the results of the homeless street count, we will identify the gaps in our Continuum of Care. Continuum members will then vote on which gaps should be addressed and prioritized.

Ten-Year Plan:  Pathways to Permanence

A ten-year plan to end homelessness in Pasco County has been adopted in conjunction with the six municipalities and the Board of County Commissioners. The plan, entitled “Pathways to Permanence,” outlines action to be taken to end this crisis in the county. The plan serves to carry out four main goals:

  1. Reduce Homelessness
  2. Increase Self-Sufficiency
  3. Prevent Homelessness
  4. Ensure Implementation

The full plan can be viewed here (PDF).